5 Reasons To Book A Fishing Charter On Your Next Vacation 

When planning a vacation, it’s important to think about the activities that you can take part in while out of town. Some of the considerations include cost, what to pack, and the general interests of those that you are traveling with. 

One of the best experiences to book on your next vacation is a fishing charter. If you have been going back and forth about whether or not it makes sense to book a fishing charter in New Orleans, Michigan, or even South Florida, we have you covered. 

Here are the top five reasons to book a fishing charter on your next vacation. 

Why Should I Book A Fishing Charter On My Vacation? 

Booking a fishing charter is a big decision for some people. Whether it’s the cost, the captain, or the type of charter you will want to use these positives to help get you through the booking process. Start focusing on how the experiences you can gain by booking a fishing charter. 

Experience Something New

Chances are the area you are traveling to has some things about it that are different than what you are used to in your home town. Maybe you live on a lake, and you are headed to the ocean, or vice versa. 

Going out on a fishing charter is a chance to experience something new, even for those that spend a lot of time on the water. 

If you live in an area that does not have access to fishing or boating, then a fishing charter can be the first chance you have to get out and enjoy all that the ocean or a lake has to offer. People are starting to realize more and more how important it is to experience new things. 

Most fishing charters will find a way to get you on some fish, but even if you don’t, the opportunity to experience a day out on the water makes a fishing charter worth booking. 

Exposure To Different Wildlife 

Have you only ever caught a trout or a bass? 

Maybe you have only been crabbing

The chance to go out on a fishing charter when you are on vacation will mean that you get exposure to different types of wildlife. Those who love fishing know how exciting it is to catch a new species of fish that you may have never caught before. 

In addition to the fish that you will be catching the day of your charter, pay attention to the wildlife around you. Sometimes when out on a fishing charter, you can see bird species, dolphins, sea turtles, and more. These experiences are nothing to take for granted and can only make the fishing charter experience that much more enjoyable. 

If you are a fan of the outdoors, this is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Cook What You Catch 

One of our favorite reasons for booking a fishing charter when you are out of town is so that you will have a great meal to make for dinner. With the popularity of vacation rentals, this has become one of the more popular reasons to book a charter. Many will come with a grill, and you can do amazing fish tacos or similar with what you catch. 

Most of the fishing charters that you will book will have a captain that fillets all the fish for you at the end of your charter. Chances are, the fish is going to be cleaner and better tasting than anything that you have had before. 

In addition, there are some charter captains that are associated with local restaurants. This means that you can have your fish cooked for you at a local spot after your day on the water. Whatever way you decide to work this, plan on getting a great meal after your fishing charter. 

Learn From The Best

Whether you have never fished before or fishing is your passion, booking a charter will be an educational experience. Charter captains spend their lives out on the water, and they are able to give you tips and information that will ensure you catch fish. It is the goal of every charter captain to fill the boat with fish on the day you book your charter. 

The information that you learn while on your charter can be taken with you when you leave. You may find a new technique for trolling, discover a new brand of lures that you had luck with or simply learn how to filet a fish a bit better. 

Regardless of the type of information that you are looking for when you head out on a fishing charter, you will be surprised by how much you learn. It’s hard to put a price tag on knowledge. 

No Gear Necessary 

One of the more annoying parts of traveling is having to pack up your gear to get ready to leave. However, with a fishing charter, there is no need to bring any gear. In fact, you can simply walk out onto the boat the morning of your charter, and you will have everything you need. 

The fact that you won’t need to pack any of your supplies or gear and that you won’t have to clean any of the gear or supplies makes a fishing charter the perfect vacation experience. 

Even if you went to a local pier and paid to rent equipment to fish, there is nothing that will beat the experience of being out on a boat and not having to think about the gear or the mess and just getting to immerse yourself in the experience. 

If you are a light packer, the fishing charter is a vacation experience you will love. 

How To Book A Top Quality Fishing Charter

Now that we have you sold on the fact that a fishing charter is a great fishing experience, you have to know how to book one. There are plenty of captains out there, but sometimes, finding them and getting accurate pricing and availability on a fishing charter is a bit more difficult. 

Check out HookM for a detailed look at a fishing charter near you. The pricing and availability of the fishing charters will be easily accessible to the end-user, and you can decide which fishing experience is the best for you. 

HookM has options for inshore and offshore fishing charters, and all of the captains are professionals and highly experienced in the industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are asked most frequently about the best fishing charters for those that are on vacation. If you are ready to book, make sure that you understand what goes into the fishing charter and what you will need to bring with you when you are out on the boat that day. 

What does Charter mean in fishing?

The word charter in fishing means that you are hiring a captain to take you around on a boat that is not your own. The charter fishing boats are used to help people get experiences out in the ocean or lakes that they would not be able to get themselves. 

It is possible to charter a boat to go for a ride or a sightseeing tour, but most of the time, the word charter refers to a charter captain for a fishing experience or excursion. Overall the word charter will mean that there will be a cost involved for you, but there is a service you are being paid for. 

How do I prepare for a fishing charter?

Preparing for a fishing charter is easy. Depending on how involved you want to get, you can watch some videos or read up on the local fish in the area and what you may like to try and catch. However, you can also do no preparation and show up for the day on the boat just to enjoy it. 

A few of the things that you should consider bringing with you on the fishing charter include sunscreen, UV protective clothing, sunglasses, and a camera to document what you are able to catch. Sometimes you will also want to bring food and water, but some charter captains will provide this. 

Most captains give you a list of the gear that makes sense to bring with you that day. 

What do you do with fish caught on a charter?

The fish caught on a charter are almost always given to the customer who books the charter. However, this only applies during the season and if the fish are of legal size. Charter captains have to adhere to the rules set in place and cannot risk losing their license for keeping undersized fish. 

If you don’t want to keep the fish that you catch on a fishing charter, you can let them back in the water, or the captain may choose to keep them or sell them at the end of the charter. For those that like seafood, this is a great way to get really fresh, high-quality seafood. 


Hopefully, you can now see why it makes sense to book a fishing charter for your next vacation. Even if you aren’t going on a vacation anytime soon, you may want to look for a local fishing charter to give yourself an experience that you will always remember. If you are a frequent traveler, you will quickly see how easy it is to get hooked on fishing charters and why they are worth every dime you spend! 

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