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To be THE leader in technological innovation for the Recreational Fishing Industry. 


Our Story

I grew up fishing in South Louisiana with my Dad, like most of my friends from childhood. We owned our own boat but would frequently take trips with guides and charters to learn more about our backyard. The guides and captains we used growing up were always a wealth of information and gladly shared what they knew about the seasons and fish migrations. We applied what we learned from each trip as best we could, but it just wasn’t the same as going with a guide. These guys live on the water, they adapt to their environment and the daily conditions and think like a fish. So it became a tradition of ours to go on charters a few times a year in new areas to just have fun, catch fish, and leave our worries at the dock.

Fast forward 25+ years and the charter industry has grown tremendously. There are charters and guides out of nearly every marina in every fishery around the world. Which is great because anywhere I want to travel I can just look online, book a trip with any available captain and go fishing with the best fishermen in the area, at least that’s what I thought. That is until I booked one trip that was so bad I nearly jumped off the boat and swam back to shore, I thought there isn’t a worse captain in the world. But then it happened again. For every great trip I took there was at least two terrible experiences in between. The websites looked great and showed pictures of people holding fish and beautiful days on the water so I figured my experience would be the same. Turns out they aren’t all so honest about themselves and the type of customer service they provide. I had used some charters that the captain wouldn’t even speak to us, others where the captain would catch all the fish for himself, some that were drinking the whole time, and many that would charge us additional costs when we got back to the dock because “it was harder to find the fish” that day.

I knew there had to be a better way to weed out the bad captains that used poor business ethics.
And HookM was born.

HookM is a platform built with transparency and standardization at the core. We focused our initial efforts on building a business management solution for the captains to allow easier schedule management and communications to allow them to easily free up their administrative duties in order to have ample time to focus on providing you, the customer, with the best possible experience on your fishing trip.
After much testing with captains in the industry from various parts of the country, we moved on to our second issue, making it easy for you to find the best captain in an area that offers the best experience that fits your needs for the ultimate fishing trip.

The Crew

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