Are Fishing Charters Worth The Money?

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The price tag on a fishing charter will scare away some people and the question is asked are fishing charters worth the money. However, when you look at all that you get with a fishing charter, many wonder whether the fishing charter is worth it. We have put together some of the main reasons why we feel like fishing charters are worth the money. You can make your own decision, but don’t rule these days on the water out just because of the price. 


8 Reasons Why Fishing Charters ARE Worth The Money 


From the research, we have done and our experiences on fishing charters, we can tell you with full certainty that they are worth the money. Of course, it makes sense to have a great captain and to be able to enjoy the time on the boat with great weather, great friends, and great fish. However, here are eight reasons why fishing charters are worth the money. 


Cheaper Than Owning A Boat


Sometimes the price tag for a fishing charter experience can seem high. Many people look at this number without considering all of the extras and all of the factors in play. When you look at the costs of a fishing charter compared to the costs of owning a boat, there is no question that owning a boat is more expensive. 


If you are not someone that will use a boat often and can properly care for it and drive it safely, then the fishing charter is a much better investment. Boats have very high price tags on them, requiring work and maintenance. 


In addition, you will need a place to store your boat, which will also add to the overall costs that you will pay to be a boat owner. There is no doubt that going on several fishing charter experiences each year will be less money than owning a boat. 


Less Work Than Owning A Boat 


The high costs of owning a boat are enough to keep some people away completely. If you are not into spending your Saturdays waxing, cleaning, and tinkering, then owning a boat is not for you. Many boat owners spend less time on the water because they have to work on the boat. 


This also applies to the days when you are out fishing, and you come in to shore with your catch and your gear. At that point, you will need to spend at least another hour cleaning the boat, making sure all the saltwater is off of your gear, and more. 


When you go on a fishing charter, you get back to the dock, and you are free of any further responsibility. If you want to stay and help a fishing charter captain clean the boat, they would likely appreciate it, but it is already built into the cost that you pay for the trip. 


Explore Somewhere New


Going on a fishing charter can help you explore somewhere new. There are very few people that have access to a boat to get out on the water and see all of the local areas from a completely different perspective. Even those that own a boat have sometimes never been offshore for fishing. 


Chances are, the first few times you go on a fishing charter, you will see somewhere new. For most people, this is a big part of the experience and something well worth paying for. 


If you have a specific area that you would like to explore, there are fishing charters located all over the world. Booking a fishing charter as part of your next vacation can be a great way to enjoy your time and get to enhance your trip and what you can see in the local area. 


All Fishing Gear Provide 


Fishing gear is provided for you on a fishing charter. This is convenient, but there is also much more to this factor than many people realize. Not only is the gear baited and ready to be used, but it is also the proper gear for fishing in the waters that your charter captain takes you. 


Even if you are an avid fisherman, you may not have the gear necessary to catch certain fish that your charter captain plans to go for. With the fishing gear provided, you will not have to spend hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars to have the proper gear in place for your day out on the water. 


The gear is also not going to be your responsibility to clean after fishing. Fishing charter captains spend alot of money on their gear so that they have the best technology to catch fish and bring them in the boat. 


Better Fishing Spots 


If you know a fishing charter captain, you know that they are typically quiet about their fishing spots. These people work very hard to make sure that all of their guests are able to bring home some fish. However, this is not always easy to do. 


Fishing charter captains need to have a very clear idea as to where fish are, how the tides will impact the fish, and whether or not an area is being overfished. They will all have unique spots that they have tested and worked with through the years, and these spots will likely be better than anything you could find on your own. 


Even if you ended up purchasing a fishing boat and getting it all geared up for some time out on the water, chances are it would take you years to be able to find fish and hit them every time. If you want the best fishing spots, you must go to the experts, the local fishing charter captains. 


Better Access To Fish Than Being Onshore 


For those that don’t have access to a boat, fishing from the shore can be frustrating and ineffective. There are some fish that will not make it into the shoreline, and you can cross them off your list. In addition, there are so many people trying to fish from piers, and it can be hard to get on a fish. 


As soon as you get out on a boat with a fishing charter, you will have access to much more fish. This is one of the reasons that even boat owners will pay for a fishing charter from time to time. Not all boats are equipped for deep sea fishing, but fishing charter captains will have the necessary boat size, fishing gear, and safety equipment to go a long way from shore. 


If you are interested in catching the big fish, this is where you will need to be. 


No Fish Cleaning 


At the end of your fishing charter, your fishing charter captain and their staff will clean the fish that you catch for you. Fish cleaning can take time, and it is a bit of a mess. However, when you pay for a fishing charter, there is no fish cleaning that you will have to do. 


The charter captain handles all the fish for you, cleans them, and hands you a fresh fillet for you to cook. With fish cleaning, you must know what you are doing to ensure that you get a perfect filet to cook at home. 


Fishing charter captains know how to filet any type of fish, and they can teach you quite a bit about the process if your want to learn. If you simply want a bag of fish handed to you at the end of your trip, that is an option as well. Most people walk away from a fishing charter with plenty of food! 


Experienced Captain and Staff 


Finding a great fishing charter is looking for a really good captain. Do some research in your area and find out which captains are known for having a great boat, being friendly to their guests, and putting people on some fish. These captains will be well worth paying for because of their knowledge and overall effectiveness out on the water. 


When you look at specialties and careers, there are very few people who have the knowledge of the water that fishing captains do. If you are interested in learning more about the water and eventually spending more time out there, the experienced fishing charter captain and their staff can handle it for you. 


How Much Do Fishing Charters Cost? 


Fishing charters will range in price depending on the location and whether or not you are choosing a half day or full day charter. Most of the time, a full day charter will likely be priced anywhere from $600 to $2000. 


The half day charter is typically priced from $400 to $800. You have to consider the season, the experience of the captain, and the fish you are going for. Fishing charter costs can go up and down in busy travel seasons, and they will often go up on the weekends. 


If you are looking to get a great deal on a fishing charter, pay close attention to the rates, and ask a local fishing charter captain if they do specials at any time of the year. 



We hope that you can now see why fishing charters are worth the money. The expenses of trying to recreate a fishing charter experience for yourself are much higher than paying an experienced captain to take you out on a fishing charter. Unless you are an expert in your local area, a fishing charter captain is going to put you on more fish and make the experience enjoyable. If you are on the fence about a fishing charter, take a look at the HookM list of available charters and find one that fits your budget and your schedule. 

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