Destin Fishing Charter: Is It Worth It?

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If you are headed to Destin, Florida, for your next vacation, you are in luck. Aside from the fantastic beach, beautiful clear water, incredible bars and restaurants, and some really great vacation rentals, the fishing in Destin can be a great choice as well. If you are wondering whether or not a Destin fishing charter is worth the money, we have the inside scoop that you need. Chances are, you will end up booking a charter by the time you are through! 

Why Book a Destin Fishing Charter

All anglers have their individual reasons for booking a charter and enjoying the charter experience. Here are some of the reasons that a Destin fishing charter should be on your bucket list. 

Quick Trip To Deep Water

From some areas in Florida, you will have a long ride out to the deep water. Luckily Destin is a very quick trip to the deeper waters. About 12 miles from the shore, you will find deep water fishing where you can have access to the bigger fish and a much more active fishing area. 

Detin fishing charters will give you a wide range of potential species to catch simply because of how quickly you can get to the deepest parts of the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to catch some fish you have likely not caught in the past, Destin can be the perfect starting point. 

Options For All Levels of Experience 

When most of us think of fishing charters, we think of deep water and big fish. However, there are plenty of people that would actually prefer an opportunity to stay inshore or nearshore. Destin Bay fishing charters are just as easy to find as deep water fishing charters. 

Some of these will be slightly lower in price since they are riding as far out, and some will also offer shorter options like three or four-hour trips for those that have a short timeframe. Overall, Destin Bay fishing charters can bring in just as many fish. 

Charter Captain Experience

If you have gone on a fishing charter in the past, chances are you know that a great captain can make or break the experience. A great charter captain will help you learn, stay entertained, and go home with a great piece of fish for the grill. 

The Design charter captains have a tremendous wealth of knowledge. Many of these captains and charter owners have been in this business their entire lives. Many boats are owned and operated by families as the business gets passed down year after year. 

Destin was originally established as a small fishing village, and although things have changed since then, fishing is still a major reason Destin is what it is today. 

Luckiest Fishing Village 

Only one town in America gets to be called the Luckiest Fishing Village. Destin is known for being able to bring in a ton of fish. Prior to booking a charter from one of the main docks in Destin, you can spend some time seeing what other boats brought in. Chances are you will be impressed with some of the fish. 

In addition, there are times throughout the year that Destin will host fishing tournaments. These will give you an inside look as to what you can catch in the area.

Tons of Boats 

Are you picky about the type of boat you take on a fishing charter? Do you only like to surf fish? The great thing about Destin, Florida is the number of vessels that you can choose from. When you start looking for Destin fishing charters, it can be a bit overwhelming. 

The first step is to narrow down what type of charter you are looking for. Some options to consider are spearfishing, nearshore, deep sea, fly fishing, kayak fishing, inshore fishing, and more. If you are looking to learn a new skill and have an entirely different experience out on the water, Destin allows some great opportunities. 

If you are set on a certain species or a specific type of fishing, Design has you covered. 

All Budgets

We all know that fishing charters can get quite expensive, and when you can find a deal, it is well worth it. The great thing about the best Destin fishing charters is that they offer opportunities for those that have a wide range of budgets. 

If you want something that is a full day fishing charter, you will easily find it, but there are half day charters as well. In addition, some fishing charter companies will offer a split charter option. This is where you can split the cost of a charter with another person that you may not know. 

Of course, the head boats are the cheapest option, but this will be a much different experience than going with a fishing charter or a fishing guide. 

Better Than Renting A Boat

If you are really trying to get out on the water when on vacation, one of the ideas that often comes up is renting a boat. As great as renting a boat can be, it is different than a fishing charter. Fishing charter captains will bring you right to the spot where you can catch fish. 

Renting a boat could mean hours of wasted fuel trying to find a location that has some fish. In addition, you will need all of your fishing gear and even a fishing license. Boats are fun to take for a ride and to see the local area.

However, those that are serious about fishing are much better off booking a Destin, Florida fishing charter. 

Fishing License Included

Most of the fishing charter boats in Destin are going to include your Florida fishing license for you. In addition, many of the boats will also bring water and all of the bait and fishing gear that you would need. Walking down the dock and jumping on the boat is a great way to ensure your day out on the water is as stress-free as possible. 

When you book your Destin fishing charter, it is a good idea to confirm with the captain exactly what is included. However, most of the boats have quite a bit of competition from one to the next, and they will all work hard to earn your business. 

Create Memories

It may seem like an apparent reason to book any fishing charter, but creating memories with family and friends should be the number one reason you book a Destin fishing charter. When you look back on your trip to Destin, this is something that you will, without a doubt, remember. 

In addition, many of the areas to stay in Destin include vacation rentals that will allow you ample space to cook everything you catch. Try to picture a better day than catching a ton of fresh seafood and then bringing it home and getting to enjoy it. 

These memories are what the Destin fishing charter owners and captains want you to have as well. They work hard to ensure that your time spent on the water is well worth it. 

How Much Is A Destin Fishing Charter? 

A Destin fishing charter can run anywhere from $200 to more than $2000. The key is deciding what type of fishing charter you would like and how many people are going to be on the boat. With the large number of boats available in Destin, there are many different price ranges that these charters will work for. 

If you are looking for a great deal on a fishing charter, try to remain loyal to one boat or group year after year. Many of these charters will offer repeat discounts for customers that are loyal. In addition, staying away from the peak season will help you enjoy some lower pricing. 

Remember when fishing to pack a hat, sunscreen, hydrating drinks, and long sleeve shirts. Check out some HookM fishing gear for your Destin trip.

When To Book A Destin Fishing Charter? 

May through November tends to be the prime season for Destin fishing charters. The charters during the peak season may be a little more money, but they will likely help you find more fish. Many of the fishing tournaments that Destin hosts will be in the fall months, mainly October. 

Some charter captains will offer winter trips; you just have to hope for a good day. It may be worth contacting the owner or captain directly if you are looking for trips in the off-season. 


As you can see, there are some really great reasons why a Destin fishing charter is worth the money. The time you get to spend out on the water is always a bonus, but when the water is emerald green, and the sand is white, the day just feels even more special. For those that love offshore fishing, the 12 mile ride out to the deepest waters of the Gulf of Mexico will help ensure that you get your first fish on within an hour or so. The fishing charter business in Destin is huge, and the captains and owners are highly qualified and experienced. Take advantage of this the next time you are visiting Destin, Florida. 

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