Fishing Charter Booking Software: What To Expect

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If you are a charter owner or fishing captain, you know how difficult it is to manage the business side of things while still trying to catch fish. The fishing charter business can be a difficult one to manage, especially when it comes to clients and their unique needs. The good news is that fishing charter booking software can make big changes in your work life balance and ultimately make you more profitable. IF you are on the fence about fishing charter booking software, unsure what to expect from something like this, and ready to have an easier day-to-day operation of your business, we have you covered. 

What Is Fishing Charter Booking Software? 

Fishing charter booking software takes the charter booking process and automates it. Instead of having to handle a call from a customer to find a day or time that works for their needs, they can simply head to your website and book and pay for a charter. 

With fishing charter booking software in place, fishing charter owners will not need to get involved with the day-to-day booking process or payment collection. In addition, cancellations for fishing charters can be handled as part of the software. 

Very few companies know exactly what it’s like to be a fishing charter owner or captain, and that is why HookM was designed to specifically address the pain points that all charter owners go through when it comes to charter booking. 

Features Of Fishing Charter Booking Software

One of the things that keeps charter companies and guides away from fishing charter booking software is the fact that there are not enough features to justify putting the system in place. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the features of the HookM fishing charter booking software; they go above and beyond the booking process. 

Calendar Management 

The old pen and paper method of recording trips leaves too much room for error. When you forget to write something down or your deck hand schedules a trip when you already have another one booked, the process gets messy, and it gives your company a bad look. 

Not to mention, if you don’t have your physical calendar with you, then you can’t try and sell, and opportunities will be missed. 

With the HookM calendar system, you can stay organized, keep your staff schedule up to date and get notifications when a customer books a trip. There is no manual inputting of the trips, HookM adds them directly to your calendar. 

In addition, if you want to take a few days off or have a doctor’s appointment, blocking out your schedule is easy and takes just a few seconds of your time. 

Online Payment Processing 

HookM partnered with Stripe to make it easy for customers to process payments on your website. As they search through openings on your calendar, they can see the open spots and the price for that spot. With the click of a button, customers can reserve their spots and make payments. 

In most instances, that payment will make it to your account in about 24 hours. No more trying to collect before the customers get on the boat or calling people to manually input a credit card. This system is simple and allows customers to handle it completely on their own. 


Now that you are going to be booking even more trips, it’s essential to try and keep track of the profitability of your company. At the end of the year, when your accountant needs all of your invoices, annual revenue, and fees, simply send them the reports directly from your HookM fishing charter booking software. 

Bookkeeping does not need to be an expensive or complicated process; as long as you have these digital records, the process is easy to keep up with. 

Marketing Services 

Another great feature of HookM charter business solutions is the marketing services. Each time a charter is booked, the customer’s email information and all contact information is saved within the HookM software. 

When you want to send out emails or advertise to these customers in the future, all of the information will be available for you to access. Marketing services from HookM extend beyond this to social media, fishing blog writing, videos, and more. These will come at an extra cost, but the collection of emails and the ability to get yourself set up with email marketing is all included with the software solution. 

Who Needs Fishing Charter Booking Software? 

If you read all about this fishing charter booking software and think it sounds great, but your boat is new, and it may not be necessary yet, think again. The great thing about HookM is that there are no upfront costs. The percentage is simple, it’s always clearly stated, and you set your pricing on your website. If you don’t want to take a dime less for your trips, don’t! Here are a few of the types of customers that have greatly benefited from having software like this to help them run their charter business. 

Small Part-Time Fishing Charter With A Single Boat 

If you are not running your business full time, it can be hard to manage the schedule. Between other work obligations and family or a phone call from a customer when you are unavailable, calendar management becomes impossible to deal with. 

Having fishing charter booking software in place allows you a simple and straightforward place to send customers. They can compare their schedule and set something up that works with your openings, even if your openings are more limited. 

Multi Boat Operations 

Fishing charter owners with multiple boats have quite a few things to juggle. There are employee schedules to manage, boats that can be out of service, and times when you need to accommodate large parties of people. 

Having several different schedules that can all be managed under one account is great for a manager to keep track of the entire business. For those that want to keep accounting separate, there are options to do this as well. 

Multi boat operations tend to hire more people than necessary to help with the tasks that HookM charter booking software can do for you. 

Seasonal Fishing Charter Business 

A seasonal fishing charter business typically has a high season and a low season. The scheduling during the high season is very tight, and these trips are sometimes scheduled way in advance. With a seasonal fishing charter business, the calendar should be set up in advance so that people can book trips and you can plan out your busy season. 

In addition, during the early or late parts of the season, pricing can be changed for trips so that customers get a great deal and you make some extra money on those slow days. People will have the ability to shop for a trip that works for their needs without bothering you! 

Fishing Charters With Multiple Trip Options 

Do you like to offer your customers more than one type of trip? Maybe you have both inshore and offshore options that customers can book. These fishing charters with multiple trip options can be hard to organize. When talking to a customer over the phone, you may forget to mention some of the options they have. 

WIth HookM Fishing Charter Booking Software, simply set up your trips on your unique website exactly the way you want customers to be able to look through them. If somebody wants a half-day inshore trip and you have availability, they can be booked and paid within a matter of seconds. 

These are just a few of the customers that we have seen benefit from HookM charter booking software, but there are customizations and settings that allow you to turn this fishing booking software into something you need it to be. 

Is Fishing Charter Booking Software Worth The Cost? 

The fishing charter booking software does not have to cost you anything. HookM charges a 5% fee on any trip that is booked, but you set the pricing for your trips. If you want to raise pricing to cover the fee, that is something you can easily do. 

Some customers find that 5% is minimal for the features that this charter booking software can provide, and they leave their fees alone. Splitting the difference is also an option that we have seen. 

The bottom line here is that there is a fee only when you are booking trips and you are making money. No monthly fees, no hidden costs, and no setup fee. 


Hopefully, you can now understand what to expect from fishing charter booking software. The HookM charter booking software is different than any other option on the market and offers some incredible features and functionality. The process of getting your boat set up on the HookM platform can be completed today. The ability to run your charter business from your phone is something that will change not just your day-to-day life but the success of your business as well.

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