How To Get Customers To Upgrade To Full Day Fishing Charters

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The full day fishing charter is a much different experience than a half day fishing charter. As a fishing charter owner, you likely have a preference between running half day or full day charters. However, if you are struggling to find customers, the full day charters are the way to go. Only having to find one customer to fill your entire day is ideal. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways we have seen charter captains get customers to upgrade to full day fishing charters. 

How To Get Customers To Upgrade To Full Day Fishing Charters 

Without knowing the specifics of your business, there could be lots of ways to get more customers to upgrade to full day fishing charters. However, there are four basic ways that can help any fishing charter captain or owner get more full day charter bookings. These include charging less than double, discounts for repeat customers, email marketing, and being specific about the details of the full day charter. 

Be Specific About The Details Of the Full Day

When you are trying to get customers to upgrade to full day fishing charters, try to be more detailed about the specifics of the trip you are offering. Many times customers will be afraid to book a trip simply because they are not sure what they will do on the boat all day. 

If you want to grab people’s attention, talk to them about run time, the types of fishing you will do, where you will look for fish and the benefits to what the full day fishing charter provides. Some customers will be happy with heading out the water for double the amount of time, and others need more specific details. 

Many fishing charter captains will simply offer pricing models on their website that show the 4 hour or 8 hour charter, but they don’t give specifics as to what is included. This is your chance to sell the 8 hour charter and let people know how they will benefit. 

Do Some Email Marketing 

Email marketing is crucial if you plan on booking your charter boat consistently. This email marketing does not need to be rocket science. Essentially, you will use a system like the HookM Charter Management SOftware to collect all of your customer’s information and details. 

Once you have these in place, you can then create a series of emails to go to previous customers or even those that expressed interest but never booked. The key here is that if people have already shown interest or booked in the past, the sell for a full day charter is considerably easier. 

Many times these emails will simply let people know that you have availability. Make it seem as though it is rare and you only have one or two spots left for the full day charter experience. This often piques the interest of those interested and gets them to pull the trigger on the full day spent. 

Charge Less Than Double 

It may seem like an odd business decision to charge less than double for a full day fishing charter; however, it can make a lot of sense. The customer acquisition costs for fishing charters can be rather high. Having to find one customer and charge them 85 or 90% as opposed to finding two customers will help you net more money. 

In addition, many charter captains will enjoy the ability to get these customers on fish as there is much more time to be spent on the water and sometimes less pressure as far as having to find fish within a specific window of time. 

For those that don’t enjoy cleanup and prep work, when you run one trip per day as opposed to two, the cleanup and prep work is considerably less. Take advantage of this and think about how it plays into the time that you spend on your trips. 

For the most part, charging less than double for a full day fishing charter is not going to cost you anything. Most charter captains and fishing fleet owners find that they make more money on the full day charter, even charging a bit less per hour. 

Offer Discounts For Repeat Fishing Charters 

A customer should never be considered a one time customer. Every customer you have is a chance to have a lifetime customer. However, this does not come without work. If you want to ensure that customers keep coming out, you must offer them some incentive. Try to consider how your trip went and start talking about their next trip while they are still on the boat. 

If you have had a successful half day trip with a group of people, it makes quite a bit of sense to start upselling the full day charter. This is an easy sell if you are looking to make some extra money. 

In addition, we do recommend sending out discounts to charter guests that you enjoyed spending the day with. Try to do this when you know your schedule has some holes in it, and ensure that the repeat charter is only a full day charter, so you get maximum profitability. 

Be smart about how you organize customer emails and send the discounts out to those that you want to work with the most. This will only make you enjoy running your business even more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hopefully, you now feel like you have some actionable steps and tips to help you get customers to upgrade to full day fishing charters. As we have said, you may prefer the half day charter, but there are times when the full day makes sense for your business and for your time. Here are a few of the questions that are most frequently asked about full day fishing charters and getting customers to upgrade. 

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Are 6 Hour Fishing Trips Worth It? 

Most fishing charter captains will either offer a 4 hour or an 8 hour fishing charter. For those that have larger fleets, there are also options for a 6 hour charter. The good thing about the 6 hour charter is that it is an easier purchasing decision for many people, and they have no problem upgrading to the 6 hour charter when booking. 

The bad part about the 6 hour charter is that you likely won’t do two of these in one day. For those that really book a large number of people, the 6 hour charter could end up costing you some money. You would be better off getting to 4 hour groups or a single eight on a day. 

One of the best ways to decide when to offer 6 hour fishing charters is looking at your schedule and leaving just a few openings. If you use a calendar management software like HookM, you can let customers see exactly when you would have a 6 hour charter available for them to book. 

Is A Split Charter A Good Option To Offer? 

Sometimes two groups of people will want to be on the same charter. This can work quite well as these people can split the costs, and then they will help each other afford the day out on the boat. 

We like the split charter option when you are trying to book more full day fishing charters. When you get two people to split a full day, they will be more likely to do it, and you can fill your entire day. Keep in mind that you won’t want a bunch of people out on the boat, so keep the split charter a bit limited when it comes to the number of people on the boat. 

In addition, don’t offer discounts for split charters; these people are already getting a discount simply by the fact that you are allowing them to split their time. 

What Is More Profitable Full Day Vs. Half Day Charter? 

Depending on where your charter business is located, the profitability of the full day and half day fishing charter can be almost the same. We encourage you to keep detailed finances and fuel burn numbers so that you can determine which trip is better for you from a profitability standpoint. 

Many fishing charter owners find that the full day is a bit less work, easier to find fish, and will allow for a potential day off during the week. If a full day charter allows you to have a day off where you don’t need to take the boat out, it’s certainly worth considering and trying to book more of these. 


At this point, you should feel a bit more confident about how to upgrade customers from half day to full day fishing charters. Having tools like the HookM charter management software in place will certainly help to ensure that you are prepared to grow your business. Check out the Jersey Devil Sportfishing full day striped bass fishing charter. Lastly, be smart about both the number and your time if you want to ensure that you will be able to book the right types of trips for your boat. 

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