Tips To Get More Fishing Charter Reviews

Get high rating reviews

As a fishing charter owner, word of mouth is the most powerful way to do business. When a customer has a great time and then tells a friend of theirs about their experience, the chance of you earning the business is high. Reviews are the online method of word-of-mouth marketing. A great review makes people want to try your charter out for themselves. If you are ready to get more fishing charter reviews, we have some of the most important tips you will need. 

Tips to Get More Fishing Charter Reviews 

There are a few basic steps that fishing charter owners and captains can take to get more fishing charter reviews. The most important of which is to ask for a review! 

Ask For The Review

When fishing charter owners complain about not having any reviews, the first thing we bring to their attention is that they are likely not asking for a review. When a customer has a great trip, and you are filleting their fish for them, ask them for a review. 

Make it simple to post a review on Facebook or on your website. Have an exact link that you can text to them to leave the review. While you work on their fish, let them write a quick review for you. 

Their fishing trip will be fresh in their mind, and they will likely have nothing but positive things to say. Once they walk down the dock and get back in their car, the chance of catching up to them and getting them to do a review is much more difficult. Ask for the review, and ask for it promptly so that you get it taken care of right away. 

Give an Incentive 

There should be an incentive for a review that is asked for after the fact. If you have been smart about collecting fishing charter customers’ email addresses, you should have a list of people that you can send an email to requesting a review. 

If the customer submits a review, enter them into a raffle to win a cooler or a percentage off another trip. Let them know that by leaving a review, you will also help to take care of them. Most people, even if they are not small business owners, understand the importance of a positive review. 

If you can come up with an incentive, like a cooler given away at the end of the summer to anyone who leaves a review, it may be all you need to keep growing that list of solid reviews.

Encourage Social Media Sharing 

Depending on the social media accounts that you have set up, there are ways in which you can encourage the reviews that customers leave to be shared with friends. If you plan on giving away a prize for a review, give the person two entries if they also share their review on social media. 

It’s very easy for a customer to tag you in the review and share it with their friends and family. This is some incredible free advertising, but you often have to ask and provide an incentive to get people to do this for you. 

Social media sharing is also easier for those that are more active on social media. Keep your accounts up to date, add more pictures and be sure to encourage users to engage. 

Make It Easy 

When customers have to go through a process to find your website, look for the review page, look you up on facebook, or even ask you how to leave a review, it will discourage them from doing so. Instead, make it incredibly easy to leave a review. 

Have a direct link to the review page and take a look at how your reviews are collected; it is best to do them on social media or via your website? Reviews collected from social media can always be shared on a website at a later date. Make it easy to share a review, and you will notice that customers will do it much more often. 

We have seen charter captains with a little note on their boat that has a QR code taking customers directly to their website or social media to leave a review. This doesn’t even require you to say anything to the customer, just simply lets them know that a review matters. 

Follow Up Emails

All great fishing charter owners are sending follow up emails to customers who have been out on their boats. If it’s the next day or a week later, the follow-up email will be your next chance to ask for a review. We have seen this to be effective, but it is always more effective to get the customer as they are getting off of your boat. 

Follow-up emails should not stop; there should be ways for customers to subscribe to an email newsletter with fishing tips and more. These emails will help to keep the customer engaged for months to come and hopefully have them repeat a trip before the season is over. 

One Trip Does Not Equal One Review

How often do you have just one customer on your trip? 

Chances are, a group that comes out on your boat will be at least three or four customers. Do everything you can to encourage each of them to leave a review. When you can get four or five reviews out of just one trip, you will be doing yourself a big favor. 

When charters can have hundreds of reviews, with the majority of them being positive, it brings a lot of power to the table. Customers will be willing to pay more for these types of charters as they know their experience is likely to be much better. 

One trip does not have to equal one review! 

Talk To The Experts 

If you don’t have the time or the know-how to get fishing charter reviews done, and collected properly, talk to the experts. HookM fishing charter management software will help you with learning how to get more fishing charter reviews and then how you can use these reviews to help grow your business. 

The time it takes to get reviews should not be difficult if you have all of the customer information properly stored and organized. In the end, if you spend a bit of time on setting this all up initially, you could collect hundreds of reviews over the course of a season. 

Let HookM know if you need some help with your fishing charter marketing and management. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few questions customers have asked about getting more fishing charter reviews and the fishing charter business in general. 

How do I advertise my charter fishing business?

The best way to advertise your fishing charter business is to have a few different avenues in which you are trying to reach customers. This could be through social media, word of mouth, print, website advertising, or more. Put together a plan that helps you stay in front of customers over time, and your fishing charter business will explode. 

Is the charter fishing business profitable?

The fishing charter business can be very profitable for the owners and captains that know how to run the boat; the problem is the business side of things. Charter owners struggle with managing the scheduling, accounting, and marketing. Solutions like HookM charter management software can help.  

Should I pay for reviews? 

It doesn’t make much sense to pay for fishing charter reviews. Instead, reward the people that were customers on your fishing boat, and enter them into some type of raffle. The paid reviews are not nearly as genuine, and many times customers can tell they are not real. Earn your reviews the right way, and you will get more business. 


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to get more fishing charter reviews. There are several ways to go about this process, but in the end, you will find a system that works for you. If you aim to give your customers a great experience each time they come out, you will have a great resource for reviews. Contact us at HookM if we can help provide any more assistance and help your fishing charter get more reviews. In the end, these are the small steps you can take to have long-term success. 

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