Why Calendar Management Is Important For Fishing Charters

Manage a calendar for fishing trips

What is a fishing charter without its customers and bookings? As much as you may love to fish, the most important part of owning a fishing charter is booking. You must book as many trips as possible. The more trips that are booked, the better the success your business will have. Without proper calendar management, booking can become an issue. Let’s take a look at why calendar management is important for fishing charters. Chances are even the experience charter owners can learn a few things.

More Money 

Great calendar management will help you make more money. The more charters you can book, the easier it is to make money. Charter captains that are not using proper calendar management likely have gaps in the schedule. These gaps could have easily accommodated another customer. 

Whether you are using pen and paper, an excel spreadsheet, or simply keeping track of an old receipt, you must have great calendar management if you want to make more money. 

Customers should be able to see precisely when you are available for a trip. If customers don’t have access to your schedule, they will move to another charter that offers this service. Having to call and talk to a captain or owner about a schedule is more than most customers are willing to do. Make it easy for them and display your schedule properly.

Putting yourself in a position where you can book more trips and make more money is the name of the game. When you are as busy as you have ever been, better scheduling and calendar management will lead to more money. 


Staffing issues are difficult, and unfortunately, they can even cause an entire trip to be canceled. If you experience problems with staffing and ensuring that you always have adequate coverage for every trip, then the charter management and scheduling software is the right fit for you. People need reminders about their schedules, and they need clear ways to look up when they are working. 

Take some of the stress and responsibility from your plate and combine your charter booking calendar with your staffing calendar. This ensures that the entire business is covered the way it should be. 

Staff members that have a digital copy of their schedule will have fewer excuses when it comes to missed shifts; this is something that will come in handy when hiring and firing. 

Eliminate Headaches

If you have ever double booked a charter experience, you know the exact headache we are referring to. When a schedule is not clearly laid out with available times and booking there will be problems. If you forgot you told one of your repeat customers that they could take the boat again next week, and your office staff booked you another trip on that same day, you will have angry customers. 

With charter calendar management, this will not happen. Once a trip is booked and paid for, it cannot be double booked. There will be no way for anyone (but you) to change the time of this trip and edit the schedule. Therefore your life will be well organized and you won’t have these negative experiences. 

It’s an unfortunate truth of any service business, but customers remember the issues more than they remember the good times. If you double book someone, or worse, forget that they are coming out for a trip, the impact on your business will be significant. Calendar management tools for charter captains allow your and your customer to have the notifications necessary to complete the trip without issue. 

Work-Life Balance

As a charter captain, there are times when you may want to spend some time out on the boat for fun as opposed to work. Finding this work life balance with all of the other responsibilities on your plate may be difficult. With a calendar management and scheduling system for charter captains, it is easy to look at the weeks and months ahead and pick times for you to step away or do maintenance on the boat. 

This will help you create that balance between work and fun that all charter owners need. With great calendar management, you can block off certain times on your schedule for doctor appointments. You may even what to attend one of your kid’s sports games. You can do all this without having to cancel trips or cause issues with customers. 

Work life balance is a learning process for most people; however, having organization and a great calendar will be the first steps in the process. 

Seasons/Tides etc. 

If your area has open seasons for certain fish, you can set up your calendar to book more trips during these times. In addition, if you follow tide charts closely and can only fish certain areas when the tide is high or low, your calendar can also be set up to help with these things. 

All fishing charter captains and owners are looking for their customers to catch a ton of fish. However, in order to do this, there are certain actors like open seasons and tides that will greatly impact that. Allowing customers a chance to look at a schedule and choose a time that works for them, which will also bring them higher chances of catching fish, is important. 

In addition, we have found that during the times of the year when things are slower, having a platform that allows customers to see openings will help them realize you are still actively running trips. Some customers don’t bother to look during the cooler months of the year. However, even though there could be days when you are looking for customers. 

Should charter captains use scheduling software? 

After these five reasons, you should be able to clearly see why fishing charter captains should use scheduling software. The key is to find software that is easy to work with and will help you with the initial setup. 

Once your calendar is set up, you can go in and make edits to it so that it reflects your upcoming days. The great thing about the HookM scheduling software is that you will be able to adjust and tweak your calendar today. However, you can also tweak it for the busy season as well. 

On those days when you can’t take the boat out, go into your calendar, and work to get it ready for the busy season when you need to make as much of your profit as possible. 

Is fishing charter scheduling software difficult to work with? 

Fishing charter scheduling software should not be difficult to work with. One of the things that HookM founders set out to do was make the scheduling and calendar management as user-friendly as possible. Looking at calendar management and scheduling from the perspective of the charter captain, as opposed to an IT developer, is a welcome change to the industry. 

For those who are not good with these types of online systems, the HookM software is truly the most straightforward option on the market. Customers can learn the entire system in a matter of minutes. Once you have it down, there is nothing new to learn; simply go back to running your business. 

HookM allows charter captains and charter owners the ability to look at their entire upcoming schedule and properly run a reputable fishing charter business. 

Who to use for charter calendar management?

HookM is a full service charter management tool that goes well beyond calendar management. HookM gives charter owners and captains tremendous insight into their own business. Some of the things that HookM can accomplish include automated bookings, fast and easy payments, your own company page, easy signup, better customer records, and more. 

With the HookM system, you will not have to pay a dime to have this all set up for your business and even customized so that you have your own company page. The HookM system makes it much easier to collect the money that is owed to you and to ensure that your charter business is making as much money as it can. 

One of the best things about the HookM calendar management and scheduling for charter owners is that you won’t have to stop what you are doing to enter the details of a trip. All of this is done by the customer, and you simply get a notification to your phone each time that a booking is placed. 

Talk about focusing more on what you like to do as opposed to what you have to do!


Hopefully, you can now see why calendar management and scheduling are important for fishing charter captains. The business side of being a charter captain is the least glamorous part of the industry; however, it must be done. Luckily with HookM coming to the market, there are ways to take a bit of this off of your plate and allow software created for you to take over. HookM allows charter owners the necessary tools to make more money while enjoying what they do for a living.

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